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Upgrade your parts buying experience with Jim Ellis VW.

Not all parts sites are created equal. While a few online parts resellers may carry genuine VW parts, only authorized VW dealers like Jim Ellis VW are able to offer you the full genuine parts experience. From our extensive OEM inventory to our factory-certified support staff, choose Jim Ellis VW for the superior experience you’ve come to expect as a VW owner.

Here are just a few more reasons to choose Jim Ellis VW over other online parts resellers:


At Jim Ellis VW, we stock thousands of genuine VW parts and accessories covering over 55 years of VW models. From classic 2002’s to brand new X5’s, we stock every part you need at prices you’ll like. And if we don’t have a part, we’ll locate one for you as quickly as possible. Online resellers,on the other hand, carry limited stocks of genuine parts. When they don’t have a part in stock, they have to order from the dealer, then ship the part to you. When you go straight to the dealer, you cut out the middle man. And that means you’ll be back on the road in less time.


When it comes time to repair, maintain or upgrade your VW,let Jim Ellis VW help you get the job done right the first time. Our experienced staff of VW-certified service technicians know your vehicle better than anyone and can offer invaluable guidance and advice throughout the purchase process. Non-certified reseller support staffs rarely receive any factory training and therefore cannot offer the same level of support and service.