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Why Should I Choose OEM Parts for My Vehicle?

Why should you choose genuine VW parts for your next repair? With thousands of generic options available, finding the best parts for your vehicle can be daunting. At Jim Ellis VW, we’ve now made that choice easier than ever before. When it comes time for repair, maintenance or upgrade, choose the best parts: genuine VW parts.


At Jim Ellis VW, we love your Volkswagen almost as much as you do. That’s why we recommend OEM parts for every repair. Genuine VW parts are built to outlast aftermarket options, providing mile after mile of performance and safety. We know you want your Volkswagen to last forever, so get it one step closer by choosing OEM.


For Volkswagen owners, it’s all about the drive. That’s why every genuine Volkswagen part is engineered to maintain the inspiring performance of your vehicle. OEM VW parts are designed and built specifically with your vehicle in mind, ensuring perfect fit and precise function for every application.


When you choose OEM parts for maintenance or repair of your VW, you’re not only maintaining its performance and safety. Genuine Volkswagen parts are essential for maintaining your vehicle’s value as well. By lowering future repair costs and increasing resale value, OEM VW parts help you take care of your Volkswagen while your VW takes care of you.

Volkswagen-Certified Support

At Jim Ellis VW, our staff of Volkswagen-certified parts specialists are dedicated to connecting you with the best OEM parts and services for your vehicle. If you have any questions regarding fitment, parts or shipping, just ask. Our friendly staff is standing by to assist in any way we can. When you choose OEM VW parts for your vehicle, you’re not only getting the best parts for your vehicle. You’re getting the exceptional customer service and support you’ve come to expect as a Volkswagen owner.